LEIF Exchange: Program

About the Program

Interactive surface computing systems are increasingly providing more intuitive, natural means for accessing and sharing digital information and media. The LEIF project is a multicultural exploration into research and education for these systems that include multi-touch smartphones and digital wall and tabletop systems. These computing systems introduce new opportunities to simplify individual and collaborative use of computing technology in our everyday work and home lives. For more information on different projects, visit the projects page.

The LEIF project formally initiates student and faculty exchange across several Canadian and European institutions which have strong research efforts in this technology field. The project expects to consolidate and expand existing collaborations in order to provide a larger pool of talented students access to expertise and research equipment available beyond their home institutions while being able to obtain credits for the unique international experience.

The project will support 64 student exchange experiences (26 from Canada, 38 from Europe), and 16 faculty exchanges (8 from Canada, 8 from Europe). A new jointly developed graduate-level curriculum specialized in interactive surface computing will be produced from the exchanges.

This interaction between the two countries will enable the acquisition of intercultural competencies, the ability to work in an international team, and will establish social and research networks early in students' careers. To help ensure a smooth operation between cultures, mobilized students will be partnered with a student 'buddy' at the host institute that will act as a personal mentor and allow them to gain connections immediately and throughout their internship.