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Media Interaction Lab


Media Interaction Lab Hagenberg, Austria

Profile of the Research Group

The Media Interaction Lab is a research lab hosted at the Interactive Media department of the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences in Hagenberg. The Media Interaction Lab integrates research and education, providing students with a project-based learning environment. Both undergraduate and graduate students from the Digital Media department within the University carry out projects in the lab. Students can undertake projects in the lab as part of their studies or alternatively work in the lab as an extracurricular activity. Currently, the lab is working on a range of projects in collaboration with industry and academia.

Over the past five years, the research group has mainly focused on exploring the potential of Augmented Reality (AR) and Interactive Environments as a medium for dramatic experience. The lab’s research has three main focuses: exploring novel rendering techniques, developing applications for augmented reality and mixed reality, and developing novel user interfaces. Currently, the lab hosts 3 PhD students and over 10 graduate students.


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Michael Haller

Michael Haller
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    Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences
    Department of Digital Media
    Softwarepark 11,
    A-4232 Hagenberg, Austria