LEIF Exchange: Projects

Divyasing Jutton

  • involved student Divyasing Jutton  →
  • type of project Student Exchange Project
  • period of time 2012/01 — 2012/04
  • exchange from University of Waterloo (Collaborative Systems Laboratory) to Ecole Nationale de l’Aviation Civile (Interactive Computing Laboratory)
  • supervisor Stéphane Chatty (Head Researcher, PhD),
    Mathieu Magnaudet (PhD)
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Developing a Multi-Drone User Interface using the new Istar Toolkit/language

User interfaces play a big role in the control of complex systems. The styles of interactions, design processes and architecture that goes into building such an interface can make a big difference in the product and how much it facilitates the user's task. For the past few years, the Interactive Computing Lab at ENAC has been working on the development of a new toolkit (and programming paradigm) called Istar which aims to ease the collaboration between UI/ Graphic designers and programmers as well as to develop innovative user interfaces. The project aims to construct a multi-modal human-machine interface as a proof of concept as well as working example of building interfaces, using Istar. The interface will be used to monitor, instruct and communicate with squadrons of drones (which will be communicating with each-other) going on missions. Throughout this project, explorative design processes as well as collaborative design processes are being used. The Interface is being customized for a dual screen multi-touch laptop (the ACER Iconia).