LEIF Exchange: Projects

Joanne Leong

  • involved student Joanne Leong  →
  • type of project Student Exchange Project
  • period of time 2013/06–2013/08
  • exchange from University of Waterloo (Collaborative Systems Laboratory) to Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences (Media Interaction Lab)
  • supervisors


Innovation and creativity are predictors of success in a knowledge-based society. Yet the “fuzziness” and unpredictability of the creative workflow remains an obstacle for effective ICT support. Beginning with the concept that creative problem solving is a complex and situated knowledge practice rather than a set of well-defined methods and techniques, the IdeaGarden project is meant to further explore and generate a deeper understanding of creativity in different settings. Furthermore, it aims to open up new perspectives for ICT support in this context, and devise new methods for seeding and cultivating creative knowledge practices in workplace and educational settings.

The goals of this project are:

  • Develop an understanding of creativity in various workplace and educational settings
  • Generate new perspectives and methods for ICT support of creative knowledge practices
  • Implement working demonstrators as part of the IdeaGarden system

Project website: http://idea-garden.org/

Personal website of Joanne Leong: http://www.eng.uwaterloo.ca/~jslleong