LEIF Exchange: Projects

Patrick Greindl

  • involved student Patrick Greindl  →
  • type of project Student Exchange Project
  • period of time 2012/05–2012/09
  • exchange from Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences (Media Interaction Lab) to University of Calgary (Innovations in Visualization Laboratory)
  • supervisors Prof. Michael Haller,
    Prof. Sheelagh Carpendale


Within the project, printed piezoelectric elements for the generation of electrical energy (piezogenerators) are developed, which convert changes in pressure or temperature into electrical energy. The materials used for printing are ferroelectric polymers (PVDF). After electric polarization, these materials show strong piezoelectric activity combined with chemical robustness. Moreover the all-printed production and the use of only non-toxic materials that are less harmful to the environment, allow production of low-cost and sensor arrays of scalable sizes. The poled ferroelectric polymer film is then embedded in between two printed electrodes on a flexible foil. These printed piezo generators shall then be integrated with touch-sensitive areas to detect pressure- or temperature-driven input while at the same time increasing efficiency by reduction of energy consumption.

The goals of this project are:

  • A reader electronic that detects, amplifies, filters, and converts of the output values of the active matrix array
  • A microcontroller firmware that processes and transmits the detected information
  • A demonstrator software that visualizes the pressure- and temperature-sensitive touch input
  • Software applications and novel interaction techniques that demonstrate the feasibility of the resulting EcoTouch technology

Additional website: http://mi-lab.org/projects/ecotouch/