LEIF Exchange: Projects

Sophie Roscher

  • involved student Sophie Roscher  →
  • type of project Student Exchange Project
  • period of time 2012/09–2013/02
  • exchange from Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg (User Interface & Software Engineering Group) to University of Manitoba (Human-Computer Interaction Lab)
  • supervisors Pourang Irani

A transparent hand-held device for exploring the design and implementation of Contact Augmented Reality

A new trend in display technologies shows a growing interest of the industry in transparent displays that allow viewing both virtual information and real world objects at once; making them ideal for Augmented Reality (AR) applications. In this project, we analyze a new kind of AR where a mobile device with one such transparent display rests directly on top of the physical object it augments. By reducing the distance between the display and object to zero the registration and rendering problems usually found in AR become less complex; an approach we have called Contact Augmented Reality (cAR). To explore the opportunities of cAR we built a prototype of a transparent hand-held device and studied its applicability to an active reading scenario (active reading involves not just reading per se, but also underlining, highlighting and scribbling comments, either on the text itself or in a separate notebook.) We identified several interaction techniques of cAR, implemented it in our prototype, and discuss what it takes to make such devices real.

The goals of this project are:

  • Definition of the notion of Contact Augmented Reality
  • Identifying a series of interaction techniques for Contact Augmented Reality
  • Building a prototype of a mobile, transparent display to study Contact Augmented Reality